We need a new approach in Washington. Spending like there is no tomorrow will only create no tomorrow. That is why I have decided to challenge Peter Welch for the US House seat for Vermont. I have plans for new, innovative, creative, and bold ideas that can get America back on the right track.
        The longer we wait to elect the right people for the job, the harder it becomes to fix. We are rapidly running out of time.
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        ~ Keith Stern      
            Republican Candidate for US Congress

A Graduate of Johnson State College, Keith Stern has run a successful small business, located in White River Junction, for twenty six years. Having been married also for twenty-six years, Keith is a proud parent, grandparent and great grandparent. Because of this he finds himself thinking about what the future will hold for his kids and what paths Vermont is taking to give citizens a better life.  

To him the heroes of this country are our the people in the military, past and present, as well as the great founders; a group of men with no political experience who wrote the two greatest documents of all time. Keith looks forward to working with fiscal conservatives to reign in the spending of our government and to hold the Federal Reserve accountable to Congress.
This is the future of America...
...Quickly ticking away.
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America's Debt